Meet Our Pastors

Meet the Pastors

Pastors Chas & Joni Stevenson

Pastors Chas and Joni Stevenson are full-time gospel partners, dedicated to God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people!  They founded Houston Faith Church together, pastor together, win souls together, work at the church office together, travel together (some), live together, and eat Mexican food, pizza, and popcorn together!

The gospel atmosphere they create is full of love, joy, sincerity, power, fire, and even humor, as one of their goals is to always enjoy the ride, especially in church! One thing for sure after being in a few church services with them, you’ll believe stronger, burn brighter, and love deeper in your walk with God.

Pastors Chas and Joni are also founders of Stevenson Ministries, which facilitates their ministry to the church at large: in Bible schools, conferences, church meetings, overseas church meetings, and on television (both in the U.S. (VTN) and in Africa (KSTV)). They are also part of ICFM, International Convention of Faith Ministries, a worldwide ministers fellowship organization. Pastor Chas is currently a trustee on the ICFM board and is the Missions Director of the organization. And they are affiliated with Dufresne Ministries’ Fresh Oil Fellowship and Mark Hankins Ministries.


Pastor Chas Stevenson - After solid Bible training from Kenneth Hagin, the Dake Annotated Bible, and the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chas began full time ministry in 1997, as a Pastoral assistant, leading in several church areas. After meeting Angelo Mitropoulos (ministry mentor, friend, and partner), he began traveling to churches, igniting congregations to the work of the great commission, training them to win souls, heal the sick, and fulfill God’s first general call to every Christian. And did that for over four years. He also was able to work with Angelo in R.W. Schambach’s last five years of tent revivals in the inner cities around the country, training believers to do the works of Jesus.

Chas has written five life-changing books and co-authored a Minister's Handbook (with Pastor Joni) for effective ministry training. His ministry to the Church at large is marked with a refreshing demonstration of God’s Word and power that quiets the emotions, stirs the spirit, and brings people back to their high calling of God in Christ.  With New Testament devotion to precise, scriptural logic, Chas is a foundation builder of God’s Word in people, holding nothing back in igniting people’s faith toward God while keeping them committed to the integrity of God’s Word.


Pastor Joni Stevenson is both a preacher and a prophet who has a heart to build the Kingdom of God and bring people into the fullness of the Spirit-filled life through encountering God’s presence and power. She’s a church shaker! The grace upon her life brings a "now" message from God with demonstrations and gifts of the Spirit that ignites faith in God and revives entire congregations into greater passion for Christ.

She has been the executive pastor at HFC for over 20 years, and she is a true pastor who cares for and prays for all the saints. Pastor Joni’s time is currently spent not only serving the assembly of saints at Houston Faith Church, but also serving the Church at large, traveling to preach in churches and conferences in the USA and abroad.

She has authored two books, one of which is the Ministers Handbook co-authored with Pastor Chas. Her flagship book, Eliminate the Fear Factor, reveals the spiritual secrets she found to live fearless, so that others can crush the fears that plague their lives.

Pastor Joni’s Bible training came primarily from Rhema Bible Training Correspondence School, and her primary ministry influence early on was Rev. Lora Allison, in Houston, Texas. She is ordained and affiliated with International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM).