How to Be Saved & Know For Sure

This is the first step in your spiritual growth and walk with Jesus.

How to Be Saved 6
How to be Filled with the HS 3

How to Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

God desires for us to live in the fullness of what he has for us. A big part of that and the next step in your journey with the Lord is to receive the Holy Spirit.

How to Be Healed

As a child of God, we have a great advantage! We have access to the supernatural, miraculous healing power of God, & we can walk in divine health. We must only understand & believe the Word of God!

How to be Healed 2
How to Share Your Faith 4

How to Share Your Faith

The Great Commission is for everyone. Including You! Learn how you can share your faith with others confidently and compassionately.

How to Pray

Learn how to pray effectively and deepen your relationship with God.

How to Pray 2
How to Eliminate Fear 1

How to Eliminate Fear

Faith connects us to God. Fear connects us to the devil. Fear is our enemy. And it must be eliminated.