How to Eliminate Fear 2

Get Rid of Fear In Your Life


Fear is the devil's arena. Faith is God's arena. Where will your life be played out? It time for you to Eliminate the fear factor from your life!

"Do not fear". God says it over and over. In fact, He has said it 365 times in the bible. That's a very good indication that He doesn't want fear in our lives. There is a reason He doesn't want us to have fear, it is an enemy to our faith. Faith and fear do not co-exist. As the people of God, we are to live our lives faith-full and fear-less. God intends for us to live by faith and has given us His Spirit to help us. Fear is like a door that allows the devil entrance into our lives. We are to give no place to the devil. Rather, we are to live by faith. Faith works by love and perfect love casts out all fear. Get God's perspective on what fear is and start living with no fear today.