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Pastor Chas - After solid Bible training from Kenneth Hagin, the Dake Annotated Bible, and the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chas began full time ministry in 1997, as a Pastoral assistant, leading in several church areas. After meeting Angelo Mitropoulos (ministry mentor, friend, and partner), he began traveling to churches, igniting congregations to the work of the great commission, training them to win souls, heal the sick, and fulfill God’s first general call to every Christian. And did that for over four years. He also was able to work with Angelo in R.W. Schambach’s last five years of tent revivals in the inner cities around the country, training believers to do the works of Jesus.

Chas has written five life-changing books and co-authored a Minister's Handbook (with Pastor Joni) for effective ministry training. His ministry to the Church at large is marked with a refreshing demonstration of God’s Word and power that quiets the emotions, stirs the spirit, and brings people back to their high calling of God in Christ.  With New Testament devotion to precise, scriptural logic, Chas is a foundation builder of God’s Word in people, holding nothing back in igniting people’s faith toward God while keeping them committed to the integrity of God’s Word.

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Pastor Aaron Hankins  - Serves as Lead Pastor of Christian Worship Center.
Pastor Aaron is passionate about Jesus, reaching people with the Good News
of what God has done for them, helping people connect to the Church, and
preparing them to serve their generation. He has extended this same vision
to his church, and they have collectively reached the entire city of Alexandria,
as well as the entire city of Pineville, by going door-to-door sharing the Gospel
of Jesus. Since 2012, they have reached over 24,000 homes.
Pastor Aaron travels nationally and internationally preaching the Word of God
with the power of the Holy Spirit. He has led mission trips to Belgium, Paris,
London, Scotland, Mexico, and Colombia. He also has a TV show called “Faith
for Every Generation” that airs on Fox-48.

Pastor Aaron leads the men’s ministry of Christian Worship Center which
meets regularly and allows men to connect to God and each other. He also
serves as President of Bridge University, which is a fully accredited Bible
college located on the Alexandria campus of Christian Worship Center.
Pastors Aaron and Errin have been married 23 years and are the parents of
two daughters, Avery (19) and Macy (18), and one son, Jude (16).