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Anointed With the Fear of the Lord   

WELCOME to your study plan! You’re aiming to complete: all of the videos included in this page, all of the books listed on this page, a pre-selected New Testament Bible reading plan, and to have achieved certain spiritual goals by the end of 5 months. TRACK YOUR OWN PROGRESS, and follow along with the recommendations below to stay on track...


Listed below are all of the books included in GT4 – Holy Spirit & Power. Remember, we recommend that you read a minimum of 1 hour of a book per week, and you should aim to complete all of the books within 5 months. Click the titles of the books for details and information about how to get your copy.

by Kenneth E. Hagin

A thorough study from the Scriptures on the origin
of Lucifer and how Satan became the god of this
world. Rev. Hagin shows the difference between
oppression, obsession, and possession and discusses
various ways believers can give Satan access in their
lives. This book will show you how to enforce Satan’s
defeat in your life so you can live in the victory God
intended for every believer.


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by A. A. Allen

In order to have the power of God in your life and
ministry, there are conditions to meet…and a price
to pay. This book details a journey to the discovery
that miracles are alive and well even now, and are
given to you! It includes positive scriptural proof that
you too can – work miracles, heal the sick, and cast
out devils.  This faith classic has the answers you’ve
been looking for. 

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by E.W. Kenyon

This book is a thrilling exposition of the power
and authority vested in the Name of Jesus, and
the believer’s right to use that Name. The book
has changed the prayer life of multitudes. If you
desire to prayer effectual, powerful prayers, this
book will help you!

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by John G. Lake

The story and sermons of a man who brought a storm of God’s
supernatural healing power to Africa that left tens of thousands
of converts and countless miracles in his wake. The Divine Healing
Institute he established in Spokane, Washington was documented
by the US Government as, “…the healthiest city in the world…”. This
book shows you how bold faith like Lake’s can come alive in any
believer who will receive. 

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Follow along with the pre-selected  Bible Reading Plan to read the whole New Testament in 6 months. You can download a printable copy, or follow the instructions listed below to access the plan thru a YouVersion Bible app.

Once you sign up and login, find the PLANS icon, select DISCOVER, search for NT CHRONOLOGICAL, and click START THIS PLAN.

This is what you’re aiming for! By the end of this Growth Track, you should be able to check off these key spiritual growth indicators:

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