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WELCOME to your study plan! You’re aiming to complete: all of the audio messages included in the Audio Bible School, all of the books listed on this page, a pre-selected Bible reading plan, and to have achieved certain spiritual goals by the end of 12 months. TRACK YOUR OWN PROGRESS, and follow along with the recommendations below to stay on track...

275+ Audio Messages

This track requires the Audio Bible School, which is available for purchase in the HFC Bookstore, or in our E-Store for the discounted price of $75. The Audio Bible School is a set of mp3 files which may be downloaded onto your computer and listened to as audio files. You may also transfer these files from your computer to any mobile devices. Be sure to use the check off list included with the Audio Bible School to track your daily progress. 

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Audio Bible School Content - 275+ Spirit Filled Messages


The books for this track are available in the HFC Bookstore for a discount of 25% off. If you prefer reading books digitally on your mobile devices, we recommend that you purchase the “eBooks by Chas Stevenson” USB. 

by Chas Stevenson

This USB contains PDF files of all of Pastor Chas’ books, which may be downloaded onto your computer, or directly onto your Android device.
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by Chas Stevenson

God, Why? uses scriptural logic to answer common,
yet misunderstood, questions about God’s good will. 
If God is good, why do bad things happen? Is God in
total control of life on earth? Does everything happen
for a reason? Does God punish us? Is God testing us?
What about Job’s suffering and Paul’s thorn? This book
will help end the confusion by accurately answering
tough questions. 

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by Chas Stevenson

Jump into this inspiring expedition of knowing God
and doing exploits, where Chas shares the heart of
the Father regarding your assignment – so that you
can answer heaven’s great trumpet call…the Call of
the Christian.

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by Chas Stevenson

Why does true Bible prosperity still seem to elude
so many good and well meaning Christians? Could
it be because they’re not fully connected to God in
it? God’s plan for a successful financial life requires
more than the one act of sowing into the Kingdom
and then waiting around for miracles. With the
Scriptural perspective on money, Chas unveils the
SEVEN “link in the chain” to help you find your missing
links and connect to God. 

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by Chas Stevenson

Either righteousness comes by obedience, or it
comes by faith alone, but it cannot be both. It
sounds simple enough, as most Christians would
agree on that note. But currently, there is some
new enthusiasm over a re-emerging revelation of
grace and righteousness. And out of it has developed
a certain controversy in the Church today. Pastor Chas’
new book bridges the gap between “frustrating the
grace of God “ by pointing people back to law-keeping
for righteousness and blessing, but also where it is
possible to “fall short of the grace of God” by wrong
doctrine and lifestyle...

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by Chas Stevenson

Take a skillful look with Pastor Chas at a book of
the Bible that has derailed many believers in their
quest for true Christian identity. Without a proficient
faith perspective, it's easy to wrongly identify with
Job's exasperation, confusion, and suffering, and
miss out on God's real purpose for telling the story.

This faith spotlight will give you clarity on the awkward
statements made about God, Satan, and suffering. You'll
learn why it is borderline disrespectful to God for the
Christian to wholly compare himself to Job. And finally,
you'll find the bridge from Job to Christ so that your
identity is fortified with victory and redemption.

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by Joni Stevenson

"Do not fear". God says it over and over. In fact, He
has said it 365 times in the bible. That's a very  good
indication that He doesn't want fear in our lives. There
is a reason He doesn't want us to have fear, it is an
enemy to our faith. Faith and fear do not co-exist. As the
people of God, we are to live our lives faith-full and fear-less.
God intends for us to live by faith and has given us His Spirit
to help us. Fear is like a door that allows the devil entrance
into our lives. We are to give no place to the devil. Rather,
we are to live by faith. Faith works by love and perfect love
casts out all fear. Get God's perspective on what fear is and
start living with no fear today.

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Follow along with the pre-selected  Bible Reading Plan to read the whole New Testament in 9 months. You can download a printable copy, or follow the instructions listed below to access the plan thru a YouVersion Bible app.

Once you sign up and login, find the PLANS icon, select DISCOVER, search for The One Year ® Bible , and click START THIS PLAN.

This is what you’re aiming for! By the end of this Growth Track, you should be able to check off these key spiritual growth indicators:

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