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Houston Faith Church
Salvation is a wonderful gift of God, and it comes with a multitude of blessings, beginning with eternal life. But there's more to being saved than just going to heaven one day. God has saved you into a wonderful relationship with His dear son Jesus, and in that relationship are many benefits - benefits of love, joy, peace, provision and power to overcome in this life and live in victory today.
In this series, Pastor Chas invites you on a wonderful journey of  - Understanding This Great Salvation...
You’ll find answers to questions such as:
  • Can a person lose their salvation?
  • What about people who’ve never heard of Jesus?
  • How can I know if I am saved?

Houston Faith Church  | Sunday 10:30 am | Wednesday 7:00 pm   

 5757 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041   |   281-870-1010  |  Spirit Filled   |  Non Denominational  | Preaching the Word of Faith
Pastors Chas Stevenson & Joni Stevenson

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