*HFC Membership Required To Serve On A Serve Team

Do you sense a desire to help our kids meet Jesus Christ and launch them into kingdom living? If so, then our FAITH KIDS department may be for you! (age group 6-12) *

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve in Kids Church

"I am not afraid! And I think I sense God leading me into ... the realm of cribs and toys." If so, then know that next to the cribs and toys are ... children! And those children are ready to meet you and follow you to Jesus Christ. *

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve in Nursery / Pre-School

Do you have a heart for parents and children? Then Faith Kids Check-in Team is for you! The Check-in workers are the first people our kids, smaller children & parents see, and your supply of tenderness, love & helpfulness will make a great impact when they see how organized we get them in and out!

Our goal is to reach out to church members, and provide comfort and love. Some people need encouragement and support. And some need prayer and healing. This team will call and / or visit those we know of in need or those who contact the office requesting such care.

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve in the Care Ministry

Help us prepare for church ceremonial events! Primarily, we need workers for water baptisms and communion meetings, but if you have a desire, we could also use some help for our occasional wedding ceremonies.

God has called to us cleanliness, we like the church that way too! From time to time we need help tidying things up, after events and special services, etc.

Are you good at fixing things, like to work with your hands, have a knack for landscaping, or just want to help with something around the building? We could use your skills!

Think of all the great teaching and preaching materials we've got in the bookstore! We need you to help get those materials to people for their spiritual growth. Are gospel books, CDs, and DVDs important to you? If so, join up.

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve in the Faith Store

The electrifying, God-infused, first impression creators who initiate a God-experience for every guest and every member who arrives at Houston Faith. Are you ready to impact a life?

Who's bringing the food!!!? Where are the Cokes? Is the room ready for the Christian party?!!!!!!! ... taking care of people with special, Godly care, so that spiritual ministry is fruitful and fellowship can allow us to flourish together.

Because the parking lot is the first part of HFC that people experience when they arrive-even before they get to the doors and are welcomed by the smiling greeters! It's our first opportunity for guests and members to experience our loving and joyful church family.

Was it you that we heard singing the other day, glorifying God ... in tune and everything? Or can you keep a beat and play an instrument? Join the Faith Band and let the people hear it!

So, you like to pray? And you like people? Join our Prayer Link Team and let God use you to touch people in the Spirit and help get prayers answered.

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve on the Prayer Link Team

... where we make the sanctuary come alive! The Spirit handles the spiritual atmosphere. We handle the natural!

Do you speak Tex-Mex? Or Spanish? We can use your skills for our translation team. Oh, also, you will need to like to talk - to interpret the preaching in real-time (even long-winded preaching).

Calling all 'people problem solvers' ... we've got things happening, decisions to make, and a meeting to enjoy ... so somebody get an usher!*

*Must be a member for 6 months before serving

Recording real time ministry and events so that others may enjoy later ... this is a vital ministry at Houston Faith, as we want our meetings to be eternal and our memories to be recorded.

Imparting a powerful perspective of Spirit filled life to our teenagers, so that by the time they graduate from high school, they are faith walking, devil stomping champions for Christ!*

*a minimum of 1 year church membership required to serve in Youth Ministry

Two heads (and hands) are better than one!  The Events Team has a lot of FUN developing, planning, and executing successful HFC events! We believe that if a good plan is developed and followed, success is certain. And of course, God is blessing the work for HIS glory. If you are administrative, task-orientated, creative, good at multi-tasking, organized, then we want you!

"Colossians 3:23 - And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord."