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Houston Faith Church
Wednesday, June 19 2019

Last year (2018) I had some symptoms in my body.  I had put off a doctor's visit, believing God for my healing and speaking to it. Anyway, one day I was feeling really bad and my friend said, “Hey, you gotta go check that out, that’s not right”. And so I went to the hospital, not having insurance.  They checked me out, they did all the stuff and they concluded that nothing was wrong with me. (Note here - the devil is a liar).

I’m a veteran but I’ve never used any of my benefits, so I went down on Monday and I got full benefits from the VA.  It covers everything, but since I had the medical checkup on Friday and enrolled the Monday after, the VA wouldn't pay.  I ended up with this big $10,000 hospital bill from the emergency visit.  So all year passed and I was hoping that the VA would pay for it, but they wouldn't cover it.

So last Tuesday I said, I need to go down and make arrangements to pay the bill.  So as I’m walking up to the hospital, I just looked up and I said “God would you pay for this please”. I walked in and handed her my bill and she looked up my account on the computer and she said, “Well, it’s been paid for!” She said, “Sometimes they just decide to pay for someone’s medical bill".  That someone was me!  Hospital bill - zero balance, all paid!  Thank You LORD!


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Wednesday, June 19 2019

There was a situation a few years back where my husband's job didn’t pay him for a few months and then ended up closing, so we racked up some credit card debt for a few months.

So at the end of 2018, heading into this year, thinking about goals, I got it in my heart, I want to be out of credit card debt completely.  Even though we were paying like 4x’s the monthly minimum, we still could not pay everything off within a year. There was just no way to do it. 

So I said, “Well, I still want it done, so we prayed about it and we agreed that God would find a way to make it happen. Every time my husband paid the bill he called it “finished”!  

Then, the week before last, we got surprise bonuses from work that allowed us to tithe, pay off ALL the credit card debt, and still have some to save and enjoy!  Praise the LORD!


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Tuesday, May 14 2019

"I had been having pain in my lower back for a few days. Sunday morning it was unbearable. It was so bad that I had to sit down during communion. As I was taking the bread, the Lord reminded me His body was broken so my body didn't have to be. I ate the bread and immediately I felt some relief. But I thought, why wasn't it completely gone? I felt a bit discouraged but I heard the words: "Be strong". Towards the end of service, when Pastor Chas did an altar call for those needing prayer for healing, I decided to go up. The prayer partner told me a scripture, Daniel 11:32, "...and the people of God shall be strong and carry out great exploits!" When she said that verse, the pain just completely left me, and it's still gone!!"   - Anita O.

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Friday, April 05 2019

- "I just wanted to share what happened yesterday when you [Pastor Joni] prayed for me. I came up for healing in my stomach. When you prayed I started to feel like a liquid warmth that I can't really explain and I could not stay standing up. I feel like I went down in slow motion. That feeling went from my head (where you placed your hand) to my stomach. I know I got a supernatural touch from God and I am healed." - Mary Lou G.

- "I was having pain in my right arm & on the right side of my body. P Chas prayed for me and all the swelling and all the pain is completely gone! Thanks be to God & thank you to my loving Pastors who truly believe in God's healing power."  - Rosemary E.

- "Joni prayed for my knees on Sunday. They haven't clicked or hurt since then!!!"  - Lori C.

- "I have had a back problem for 2 years now. It hurts all the time. During healing service, I was sitting in my chair. As Joni was preaching, my upper back started to vibrate, burn hot, and tingle. After about 30 seconds of this feeling, all the pain was gone. Before this, my pain level was a 10, but after, 0 pain!"  - Olivia A. 

- "Praise the Lord!! My knees are healed. On Sunday, Joni laid hands and prayed, and I have no pain in my knees! Thank you Jesus!"  - Jackie M.

- "I had a torn meniscus in my knee. It was very painful, and I had pain on Sunday. At healing service, Joni prayed for my knee and it was healed. And I've been sleeping without any pain."  - Denise J.

- "About 1.5 years ago, I started to experience pain in my right heel. Walking was very painful and shoes made it worse. I went to a foot specialist and x-rays confirmed a bone spur in my right heel. The doctor suggested physical therapy on my foot to relieve pain, or surgery to remove the spur. The physical therapy didn't work, but I decided not to have surgery and trusted God to heal me. At the Healing Service, I went down for prayer and received my healing. The pain left immediately! Praise God! Although the bone spur is still there, I believe it will leave too. I thank God every day for my healing and to be pain-free!" - Carolyn M.

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Tuesday, February 05 2019

"I had terrible pain in the upper part of my stomach since Friday evening. I was up all night Friday with the pain and other gastrointestinal issues. The pain was so bad that I had to call into work the next day since I could barely even walk, let alone perform my job duties. The pain level improved but still persisted all day Saturday and Sunday. I also couldn't eat much; if I did eat, it had to be super bland so it wouldn't aggravate my stomach too much.

Sunday evening, I decided to sit down and listen to that morning's message since I had missed it earlier. One of the things Pastor Chas said was that I could get whatever I needed right then. Well, I needed that I set my mind on the Word and I got it! I was healed before the message was even over! Not only was the pain gone but everything that seemed to aggravate the pain before had no effect! I was able to eat again, and I ate until I was full with no pain! I even drank orange juice which I wouldn't have done before since it would have caused excruciating pain. Praise the Lord for His Word!"    -Meg M.

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Friday, December 21 2018

"During Sunday's [Healing Service] when Pastor Chas said to put your finger where it hurts, I put my hand on the back of my neck and it began to feel better. I was having some pain and stiffness. As the day progressed, the pain and stiffness completely left my neck" - Kim M.

"I had been in horrible pain for the past 3 weeks. Couldn't leave the house. I had people praying and was listening to messages. Pain and symptoms were improving, so I was able to go to church this past Sunday. I was talking to Pastor Chas about needing healing and he said, "You need to laugh more." I totally received that because he was so right on! That night we had our Women of Faith meeting and as I walked in the sanctuary for the service, Pastor Joni started playing a video of a Christian course I laughed! Today I have no pain; symptoms have improved greatly and I know with more laughing that complete healing will come. Glory!" - Dawn E.

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Friday, October 12 2018

"I have dealt with asthma symptoms off and on throughout my adult life.  It usually comes at times when I cannot control things in my life and then fear sets in. Fear that I'm going to lose someone; fear that I will not be taken care of; fear that I will not be able to care for my children.

I felt the moment when the sickness came upon me...and I let it because I was so focused on trying to control things. I was so fixated on my issues that I let go of my faith shield. I first got a bad cold then asthma symptoms started. This had been going on for 10 months. Sure, I got medicine that "fixed" the problem, but I had to take it daily.

Because of all the teaching here at Houston Faith Church, I knew I didn't have to live like this. I recognized that I was dealing with the spirit of fear.  So I finally let go and gave God entrance into my life. 

I started to stand on Phil 4:19, that MY God will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory.  And started saying I am a giver, I love to praise God, I know God loves me, He wants to take care of me and is able do it!

When healing service came [9/9/18], I didn't have it in mind to go for healing but Pastor Joni called for healing for lungs and I wanted to be healed. She laid hands on me and that spirit of fear manifested and left!! Praise God! I was so happy, I knew I was free!  

Another note about sharing my testimony - Later I was talking to a friend who was having a hard time getting a job because of her credit situation.  I was so happy about my healing, so I was telling her about it. And I was reminded how God had given me a job when it seemed to be impossible. Guess what... she started her job this week! God is good and faithful and loves you so much!"   - Zelina C.

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Friday, October 12 2018

"For over 10 years I suffered from beck and shoulder muscle inflammation and discomfort that usually worsened after long periods of sitting down. Some days I would be so stiff that I would feel paralyzed and for years all I could do was manage it with massages and pills when it was unbearable. I can’t really tell what initially caused this condition but I suspect it was due to whiplash from a minor car accident. I cannot begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent on massages and how many different types of pillows I’ve tried to use to sleep well at night. This feeling is not constant but comes and goes and was bad enough for me to know that the quality of my life was not what God wanted.

I’ve known God as Healer for several years and while I’ve seen God set people free from so many things, including serious diseases like cancer, I hadn’t really thought of releasing my faith for healing for my neck. Sometimes when you deal with something for so long you get accustomed to it so much that you accept it as your "normal". This is why it is important to constantly hear the Word of God and to renew your mind with what the true “normal” should be for God’s children, as shown to us in the Word of God. This is the reason I am grateful for the anointed word preached at HFC!

So I just decided I was going to receive healing. I think for the first time ever I was specific about asking the Lord to heal my neck and shoulders. It didn’t happen instantly. I think it took weeks of pressing in but one day during praise and worship at HFC, I remember feeling a tingling sensation on top of my head and moments later it was like something lifted and for the first time in as long as I can remember, my neck and shoulder felt close to normal. All I could think to myself was “something really happened”. That entire week I slept and woke up with no issues and the discomfort from sitting went from level 15 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10. I felt as though it has tried to come back a couple of times but after experiencing this level of freedom there is no way I ever want to allow the infirmity back in my body. I take authority and rebuke the sickness when I feel any symptoms and it has always subsided. I am learning to defend my healing! It has been about 2 months now.

The presence of God is truly at HFC!! Thanks to Jesus for healing me. This is just the beginning!"  - Sayi L. 

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Tuesday, September 11 2018

- "Timi [my son] got healed today. He started complaining of a backache again this morning and couldn't touch his toes without wincing in pain. The devil kept reminding me this was exactly what happened a few months ago that landed us in the hospital. But I kept saying No. Affliction will not rise again. Well, after you said we should raise our hand and receive if we had anything [we needed healed], we had him raise his hand and we all believed for his healing. Right after we prayed, we asked him to touch his toes and he was completely pain free and he hasn't been in pain since then. Praise God!"   - Kike O.

- "My legs and feet had been really sore the past couple of weeks from standing a lot at my job. When I walked out of church, I noticed the soreness in my legs and feet were gone."   - Autumn H. 

- One lady reported that her spine felt relieved from the pain and discomfort. She said that it felt so good being in the presence of God and letting Him heal her body. 

Click here to watch the Healing Service

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Tuesday, September 11 2018

"I had a wart on my toe. I was believing God for it to fall off. After a church service at HFC, the wart disappeared off my foot. It was there before, but when I came home and checked, it was totally gone. My husband saw it as well...before and after. Two witnesses of the glory of God. Hallelujah." - Rebecca R.

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Monday, August 27 2018

"Pastor Chas prayed for someone that has a report for an unhealthy heart last week (8/19/18). I raised my hand. My doctor [previously] had a CT scan done on my heart. He saw that the bottom of my heart showed dead tissue. After Pastor prayed, I went back to the doctor for another scan on Wednesday. The new scan showed my heart was healed by Jesus!" - Lilly G. 

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Thursday, August 02 2018

One of our church members was discussing with her husband how they were going to pay for school supplies since business had been slow for a few weeks. The very next day, somebody put an envelope in the offering with the church members name on it, which contained a gift card designated "To Help with School Supplies" on it!! The church member was moved to tears by this timely and precise act of provision! 

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Tuesday, May 15 2018

"Toward the end of April, it didn't look like I would have all the money by the due date for rent, but I had set my mind and faith toward getting it paid. I worked extra hours at school, picked up shifts for favor, but I was still just a little short. But through all this, I had a peace the whole time that I would have the money by the time the rent was due. I had been, and still am, speaking to my bank accounts telling them that they are full. 

I applied for a scholarship through one of the organizations that I am in at school. At this time of the semester, my financial aid is constantly being updated. So last week I was keeping my eye on it and one of the time I looked at it, over $1,400 had posted for this semester! I was thinking that I would only be getting around $300-$400. Imagine my shock and excitement when I saw over $1,400! On top of that, it posted to my bank account in time for my rent to not be late. I had also been needing some more work done on my car, but the parts were on the expensive side so I had put it off for a while. Well, I was able to use the scholarship money to buy all the parts, pay the rest of my bills for May, get my dog's shots and medicine. I was also finally able to stock up on some other household items that I was running low on. 

AND, on top of that, another $600 was just deposited into my account! But what's funny is that there is nothing on my financial aid page saying where this money came from. What a blessing! God is great!"  - Meg M., HFC Member

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Monday, April 02 2018

One of our teens needed flour & sugar for a business endeavor. After praying & asking the Lord for the ingredients, she decided to take some money from her savings to purchase them from the store.

That same week, another one of our members received large bags of flour & sugar from her daughter. The daughter thought she could return them to the store and get her money back, but felt like someone in her mom's church could use them instead.

Our member (the mom who received the flour & sugar) had no idea about the teen's business endeavor, need, or recent prayer. The next service, as soon as she walked past the teen, she just felt an unction on the inside that the flour & sugar were for her! She followed the leading of the Spirit, which fulfilled a very specific and narrow need, and allowed the teen to return the items she had previously purchased back to the store, and put her money back in savings!

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Thursday, March 29 2018

"[After going through a recent separation], I wasn't sure if I'd be able to financially make it on my own with my kids. We were 2 years behind on our HOA dues and several months behind on our mortgage payments. I had no idea what I was going to do. The only options I had were to move to another city and live with my mom or believe and have faith that God would work it out somehow. I had applied for a job not too long before this ...and when I went in for my second interview, I was hired on the spot! [The new job was exactly what I wanted, and came with a higher salary & all of the benefits I'd prayed for], so I didn't have to move anymore!!

In October of last year, I started having problems with my A/C. The devil & his fiery darts kept putting thoughts in my head about how expensive it was going to be and how I had no money to pay for the repairs, and how would I find an honest person to fix it and not overcharge me. However, [the Holy Spirit] inside me assured me that God would make a way, He always does, and that I shouldn't worry! [One day soon], my boss came to me and said, 'Congratulations, you have been awarded a bonus of $1,000 as a token of our appreciation for a job well done!'...God used him to bless me, and I was able to get my A/C fixed! Through the help of some HFC saints, I was able to find someone honest, and it only cost me 1/4 of my bonus! I had money left over!

In November, not even a full year of me working at this new job, I received an 8% raise! (Raises only happen once a year, and they usually occur in March.)...AND, In February of this year, I received my annual bonus, and with that bonus I was able to pay the HOA a total of $2,100 (everything I owed them, AND this year's payment as well, in full)!! [AND then] in March, I still received my annual increase...of 6% (when the maximum anybody ever usually gets is only 3%)!!! The director increased the normal amount of my raise!!!

At this point, it had been a year that I'd been struggling with catching up on my mortgage payments. I now owed over $8,000 in past due payments and late fees. Although I was making monthly payments, the late fees from previous months kept adding up...after everything God had done for me recently, I knew He would come through for me again. I had peace in my heart and didn't feel worried or anxious at all. Last week, I received a call that [the mortgage company] was able to work my past due payments back in to the loan and they forgave my late fees!! $8,000 was gone!!!

My fresh start begins now!! All of this happened in a little over a year! My heart rejoices with thanksgiving!! God was with me through it all, and He still is!" - HFC Member

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Tuesday, March 20 2018

"As a teen, I was told [by a gynecologist] I would not be able to bear children. It totally broke my heart, but I carried on with my life. After getting married in 2011, I yearned for a child but thought it was never going to happen. When we moved to Houston in 2012, we started going to HFC and I was totally blessed by the healing services and testimonies of many at church. I knew God doesn't deprive His children of what they desire. In 2014, I told my husband about my desire and we started trying for a child. During one of the services at church, the Lord showed me a vision where I was holding a baby girl. The Lord further confirmed to me about this through friends at church. Knowing about my medical condition, I was advised by my relatives to visit one of the most prestigious fertility hospitals in India. When I went there, the doctor told us that we both had to undergo a surgery or else we wouldn't bear any children. I didn't feel right in my spirit and we both decided to walk away from that suggestion. We continued to try and I prayed to the Lord with all my heart that I wanted to conceive and bear a child without IVF or any hormonal treatments. In April 2017, the Lord heard my prayer and I conceived. On January 21st, 2018, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and we have named her Aria, which means 'lioness of GOD', for we truly want her to be raised as God's warrior!" - Rachel S.

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Tuesday, March 06 2018
  • "My husband retired last March. When you retire your income and social security are fixed. When the church started the year long building fund pledges, we gave a one-time amount. And I asked my husband how much he wanted to give monthly. When he told me how much, I gasped on the inside and for a split second thought we can't do that much. Then the next second, I said to him, "Awesome! If God put that amount on your heart, He'll provide!" Well, we have been able to give that amount each month. Glory to God! And since January, our fixed income has increased $500/month!" - D.E.
  • "My wife and I purposed in our hearts to take some money out of our savings towards the pledge for the church building. It's not like we have so much, but we decided to make the sacrifice to take out of the money we are saving towards a home. Some days after we made this decision in our hearts and even before we made the pledge on paper, someone blessed us with three times the amount we purposed to pledge. We just want to thank God for this miracle. We were not even expecting anything, we just wanted to contribute to the work of God and He rose on our behalf. All glory to God." - Victor A.
  • "This year when we heard about the pledges for the building fund, we knew what we had to do. Without really praying or talking about it, I threw a figure out to my husband of what we should give. He said double it. I was a bit reluctant but said OK. Then he said, 'No, give more.' So we settled on an amount, confident it was what God wanted us to give. The next Sunday was "Pledge Sunday" and we put in our pledge card and committed it to the Lord. The money would come from some vacation time my husband cashed in at work, as well as some money we had saved for some other purchases. Well, the EXACT Sunday we pledged, before we even left the church building, a church member blessed my husband with a (somewhat pricey) tool he needed for work! Our money was already coming back to us! The following week, while going over the bank statement, I noticed my husband was paid TWICE for the vacation he cashed in. When he went to his boss about it, he said they could not find ANY record of the double payment and told us to KEEP IT!! Then, the following week we received another deposit from his job (in error) for a different employee named Chris which was much more than what his deposit should have been. Again, they just left it in our account!! We believe these were supernatural deposits for sure! We know it's just the beginning of the abundance God has for us as we sow into His Kingdom! Thank you Jesus!" - Anita O. 
  • "The Lord abundantly blessed us!!! Last week, Ronnie & I were able to easily give our one time pledge gift because I received paid mandatory education hours for my job. I received my biggest paycheck ever. We realized this was perfect timing. Praise the Lord" - Karin B.
  • "With great enthusiasm, I want to tell you both about what's been going on and how God has blessed me with $1,000 that I am planting today for our new church. [Elsa continues with details about being out of work for several months due to caring for her mother after a serious car accident.] ... I was checking all my old emails that were over a month old and the CEO emailed me that I was awarded $1,000 due to being evacuated during Harvey. I immediately knew there was no better place than the building fund for my new church home to plant this seed. Pastors, I asked Jesus for $1,000 one day when y'all were up front talking about pledges. Today I mail my check with so much joy and and rejoicing to be wanting to do this and it was made possible by Jesus! [Elsa's letter then continues with MANY thanks and praises to Jesus for the many ways He protected and preserved her mother and daughter in the wreck and His provision for her during this time.]" - Elsa G.
  • Sharon S. started to pledge $750 for the building fund, but the Lord said to double it. She thought Uh Oh...but she did it! In December 2017, her pledge was still outstanding. One day, she reminded the Lord that she needed to fulfill her pledge. She didn't have the money, and the only way to get it was for Him to give it. The next day, she got an unexpected call saying she was being sent a check for $2,200 - enough to pay her pledge and buy Christmas gifts!
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Tuesday, March 06 2018

- "Since August of last year, I suffered with a horrible rash behind both ears...the pain and itching were pretty much constant and I was only able to sleep a couple hours at a time during the night. The doctor could not give me a reason for the rash...the only thing that helped were steroids but you can't take those forever. P Joni prayed and then told me to count to three and grab her hands. I did, and fell back in the Spirit. It was so peaceful laying there. I thought I'm gonna just float in this river until God tells me to get up. Now, my rash is completely gone, gone, gone! Thank you Jesus!" - Dawn E.
- "Sunday morning, I had pain in my lower back, legs, and knees. During Praise & Worship, I went up to dance in the River. The pain in my back was gone when I went back to my seat! Then I was having pain & tingling in my legs and right knee. P Joni made an altar call for some who were having tingling in their bodies. I went up...I felt the river flowing, such joy, and the love of Jesus! The pain and tingling left my body, legs, and knee!" - Jackie M.
- "I received a double blessing at the recent Healing Service. When P Joni said, 'The Lord is here', I kept envisioning Jesus walking to and fro at the altar. And when she ministered on Ezekiel 47 about the rising waters representing God's increasing anointing, I kep envisioning His anointing flowing like high water down the aisles. Sitting there in the service, the Lord's presence and anointing were so real to me. I believed I had already received healing for my right knee at my seat, so I didn't readily come down to the altar at P Joni's invitation. But because the presence of the Lord was so thick, I finally went down...and boy am I glad I did. Otherwise, I would have truly missed out. After P Joni prayed for my knee's healing, I felt a spiritual release and went down to the floor where I laid under the Lord's anointing. When I got up, I turned to go back to my seat, but quickly realized I could not. The Lord had something more for me. While I stood tarrying at the altar, the presence of the Lord consumed me, bowing me from my knees. As the tears flowed from my eyes, I repeatedly thanked Jesus until eventually falling to me knees. It was so glorious and I was so happy, because I hadn't been touched like that by the Lord in a very long time." - Sheila T.
- "I had a bad pain in my neck and I couldn't tilt my head back because of the pain and stiffness. All my neck pain left, I can now move my neck and tilt my head freely! Now, 2 weeks later, and still healed!" - Anita O.

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Thursday, March 01 2018

On June 4th, Pastor Chas prayed for my nose to be healed, because my nose had been bleeding alot, and God healed me. I haven't had a nose bleed since. Praise God!

Marie G.  Age 11

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Sunday, February 11 2018

Elaine was having symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection. The symptoms were very uncomfortable & inconvenient, and caused her to rush into the Subway bathroom next door to the church. Despite her symptoms, she still stopped to witness to 2 people, who both got saved! That night and for the next couple of days, she continued declaring scriptures and praying in tongues. On Saturday morning, she woke up with an attitude that said I am not getting dressed or doing anything else until I am healed! She spent the morning worshipping Jesus and singing about His blood, continuing to remind herself about the finished work of the cross and listening to teaching CDs. She continued with feeding on and declaring God's promises until there was a moment when she knew that her mind had really gotten full of truth. She turned everything off, praised God for His faithfulness, and continued praying in tongues. By the next time she went to the bathroom, all the symptoms had stopped! 

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