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Tuesday, February 06 2018

I pulled into the HEB parking lot to find my favorite parking space right by the front door. I prefer this spot because it makes it very convenient when I'm loading in groceries. I took my space happily, put my car in park and then I heard a soft "no".  I ignored it and turned the motor off and picked up my coupons and grocery list. I heard again, "move your car". I knew then that it was the Holy Spirit gently speaking; even so, I proceeded to negotiate with Him. His answer was still the same "move your car". I tried to explain the reason why I wanted to park there, but this time I heard no response. So, I moved my car.

I ended up having to park far away from the front door. I complained all the way into the store (grumbling about how hot and how far I had to walk).

About 45 minutes to an hour later I've completed my shopping headed out to the car. There in the front parking spot where I was asked to move from was a man standing by his truck very angry. Some one had slammed into his truck and he wanted to know who had done it. At that moment I realized this was why the Holy Spirit told me to "move your car". God my Father was protecting me from inconvenience and cost to repair a damaged vehicle. I immediately repented from grumbling and complaining. The lesson I learned that day is ?MY FATHER KNOWS BEST" and He watches over me. 

Jean S.

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Tuesday, February 06 2018

- "When [my husband] Chris was hospitalized in December, we were under the impression that he had medical insurance, as it was being taken out of his check every pay period. But it wasn't until he was released from the hospital and tried to get his medicine from the pharmacy that we were informed that his insurance had been cancelled for some reason and he was no longer covered. I spoke to the hospital administration and they confirmed the insurance had been denied and we would be fully responsible for the bill, which was $65,000! We of course prayed in faith that the Lord would supernaturally take care of it, and released it to the Lord. We didn't even think about it after that. About 3 weeks later, we got a call saying since we were self-pay, they would try to work with us by lowering the amount due and setting us up on a payment plan, but that they couldn't guarantee anything. Today, we received a letter in the mail that the bill had been paid in full and we have a zero balance!!! " - Anita O.

- "Just wanted to let you know that I went to the doctor today. All is well. I owed the doctor $39,658.91. And they forgave $37,000! That's right...$37,000! Praise God!!! Johovah Jireh, my Provider! God is always faithful." - Randy W. 

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Sunday, February 04 2018

"I had some money that I was going to give someone, but couldn't find it anywhere, despite looking everywhere. I had already been listening to Supernatural Time Redemption [a series by P Joni], and realized I would need to redeem the time to get this money back. This money was set aside as seed money for a Kingdom purpose, and I was not going to lose it! I got angry with the devil and told him he wasn't taking anything else from me, and I knew that because this seed was set aside for a Kingdom purpose, it must come back. While in my car, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I reverse the effect of time, money come back!" I commanded the devil off and the angels to go and bring it back to my hands. A few days later [after resisting thoughts that it wouldn't work], after church my family and I walked to our car...and lo and behold, my bill was sitting right there in the driver's seat! I snatched it up and thanked God as soon as I saw it. I knew He had returned it to me by His angel!" - Tinitia D. 

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Monday, January 08 2018

Ariana had suffered from serious allergies, hives, and eczema thoughtout her whole body as a child. She was healed during a service soona afterward and hadn't dealt with another flare until 2017. In 2017, she took a big step of faith in her personal life. During that time, some of the old illnesses she had as a child came back and her finances started to take a turn. She was desperate for a change, and knew she couldn't live like this anymore. She cried out to God for healing and stood in faith, knowing that Jesus would heal her and take care of her. While pressing in for more of God, something awakened in her. She felt the Lord ask her, "Are you going to sit there and take it?" She was fed up with the attacks, and something ferocious came out of her in prayer. She cursed that illness and then watched it dry up and leave! She then went on to eat all the things the doctors told her she was highly allergic to. She wanted to laugh in the face of the enemy and show him that she was not putting up with it any longer. And she got no hives! 

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Saturday, January 06 2018

Emma, my granddaughter was 37 days old when it started. Our daughter-in-law Carrie dialed 911 calling for the paramedics because Emma wasn't breathing and she was turning blue. She was instructed to stimulate her tummy until the paramedics arrived. When they arrived Emma appeared to be ok. So, they left, but had to return and Emma was then taken to the nearest hospital. They drew blood and Emma turned blue. She was placed on a monitor and transported to Texas Children's Hospital because she was over the age limit for their NICU. When we got to Texas Children's Hospital a team of people performed several tests and took x-rays. The doctors couldn't find anything that would explain why Emma wasn't breathing. The tests only revealed that an infection existed but could not pin point the source.

Later the doctor came in and said that Emma probably wouldn't make it and if she did pull through she would probably have some problems due to the high doses of antibiotics she had been given. The doctor's report was that she could lose her sight, hearing and be left with brain damage.  As a believer and grandmother who knows the power of God, I said, NO, to the doctors. I said, they were wrong and had made a mistake. Carrie asked me why I told the doctor that and I said that through this ordeal I had prayed and declared the blood of Jesus over Emma and I knew she was going to be ok.

Emma recovered fully and is well. She is now 30 months old, bright, funny, full of energy, smart, has all of her senses, cute and full of love.  All praise to God!

Rose K.

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Friday, January 05 2018

"In the past few weeks I've had two bladder infections. Even after medication, the problem persisted. On Saturday my kidneys started hurting really bad....I started declaring, 'By Jesus stripes my kidneys are healed!' I took pain medicine to be able to sleep, but Christmas Eve morning the pain was back. I kept declaring my healing and knew I had to get to church to get prayed for. After service Elaine [one of the prayer partners] prayed for me and the pain started to go. I was headed to my family Christmas gathering and my first thought was to bring some pain medicine 'just in case', but immediately said, 'No, Jesus said I'm healed and I'm gonna believe I'm healed with no pain.' Let me tell you, the pain left and is still gone. I had to tell Satan to shut up quite a bit when I would feel that twinge of pain trying to come back, but I held on to God's healing Word and He healed me.  Glory"  - Dawn E.

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Tuesday, January 02 2018

During one Sunday service, Pastor Joni said, "Someone is here with a pain in their shoulder."  She asked whose shoulder was hurting and I came forward. She prayed over me and told me to raise my arm up over my head. When I did she grabbed my arm and pulled it up sharply while praying and commanding my shoulder to be healed in the name of Jesus. All the pain left.  And it's been over a year now and my shoulder is still fine. 

Aaron K.

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Wednesday, December 13 2017

"[About one year ago], someone went into my car and stole my bible and left a mess everywhere. Yesterday, exactly one year later, my son was telling me about a book he is reading. And he asked me, 'Mom what is something that's valuable to you that is in your car and that if it was stolen, you would want back?' I said, 'My Bible!' It really meant a lot to me, and I had important testimonies and my studies in there. He said, 'Well in this story I'm reading, it says to not give up in prayer if you lose something, that God can help you find it.' As I was leaving the house, I was thinking I would really like for someone to just find my bible in their yard or something and return it to me. Not even 10 minutes later, Tammy from the church office called me. She said, 'Hey Iris, someone called and said they found your Bible in their yard and they are going to drop it off at the church tomorrow.' God is so AWESOME!" - Iris P. 

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Wednesday, November 15 2017

"For 2 years I've had a lot of pain in my right shoulder. The pain would keep me awake at night. I finally decided to go to the doctor and he diagnosed me with tetonitis and gave me pills to take for a month. They did not work, so the next Sunday I asked Pastor Joni if she would pray for me after the service, which she did. The pain left and I am still pain free even after using my arm more than I ever have before while helping remodel a home. Glory to God!"  - David E.

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Friday, October 20 2017

While Patty was at the church for cleaning on a Friday, she asked P Joni to pray for pain in her wrist joints and soreness in her shoulder. P Joni prayed, and Patty woke up the next morning with no pain or soreness!

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