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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, July 07 2015

"Last Monday at Healing School something awesome happened in my spirit. I don't have any problem believing the sick getting healed through laying on of hands and appropriating the gifts that the Lord had given us, nor a problem believing that healing is an integral part of God's redemptive plan. But my biggest 'fight of faith' had been believing that same power working for healing in my own body. During Healing School, when Pastor Joni said that there is a 'drop in the spirit' (things going from head knowledge to heart revelation), I noticed my heartburn went away! Prior to that my plan was to go to the front as my pastors ministered to the sick and get my healing, but I didn't have to do that. The heartburn tried to come back on several occassions, but all I did was say, 'NO!!' and it went away almost immediately. Praise the Lord!"

- Reggie R., HFC Member 

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Tuesday, July 07 2015

"Pastor Chas had prayed for my asthma to leave a while back and I got healed. Yesterday I finally went to the doctor to do an evaluation and passed the breathing test. I've never been able to do that before. She said nobody has ever passed the test the way I did, I was above average. Glory to God!"  

Iris P.

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