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Houston Faith Church
Monday, August 31 2015

"My previous pregnancies had resulted in premature birth - either they spent time in NICU before coming home, or did not come home at all. With my last pregnancy, we believed for a full term child and no NICU time. It was a difficult pregnancy - months on bed rest, weekly nurse visits, and two weeks in the hospital. When I wouldn't let one doctor induce my labor until Naomi was full term, he refused to treat me. There were many negative responses to my choices. However, we continued in our faith. I received a card from Pastor Joni and the church saying they had prayed for me. I was so encouraged by that, knowing that others believed with me. Of course, Naomi was born full term and went home with us! 

We thank HFC for encouraging us continually in our faith walk. We are so thankful!"

- Ebony H., HFC Member

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Monday, August 31 2015

"My family had unreliable cars for years, always needing repairs. We had only one car for some months, and daily claimed a new car in the name of Jesus, and then began to look for cars even though there were no finances to purchase a car. We believed the Holy Spirit would let us know which deal was right for us. The Lord gave us more than we hoped for - a reliable car was given to us!"

"The school my husband was a PE teacher at had to downsize, so he needed to look for other PE positions. We prayed daily for guidance and to be led to the right school. An offer for a PE position (at a brand new school) came that he hadn't even interviewed for or directly applied to. There were a lot of applicants for that position. God gave Carlos favor and provided him with a job that he enjoys. We are believing for a blessed school year!"

- Ebony H., HFC Member

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Monday, August 31 2015

"Sitting under the teachings of Pastor Chas & Pastor Joni, I've been learning and learning and would sometimes share the messages at my workplace with a co-worker whose husband had stage 4 cancer. One morning...I felt the strong impression to pray for her...we joined hands and we cried out for this woman and her husband, for him to be healed. When we joined together in prayer, I could feel the Spirit of God moving, and He took over! The next week, after our co-worker's husband got the results of his PET scan, she came running to tell us her husband was healed and cancer free!! Glory to God our Healer, our Restorer, our Deliverer!!"

- Monica B., HFC Member

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