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Houston Faith Church
Sunday, April 24 2016

"I am completely healed from a fall on Saturday 4/23 when I landed on my knee and wrist. Glory to God!"   - Lori C.

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Friday, April 22 2016

"My back was hurting so bad that I almost didn't go to church. At the end of service, Pastors called people up for prayer. I almost didn't go up, but as clear as a bell I heard, "Do you want your back healed or not?" I thought it would be wise to listen. So I went up, was prayed for, and once I was back in my seat I realized that the burning pain in my spine was gone! My hip pain was gone! I went to bed that night and got out of bed the next morning with no pain! I did my happy dance, and have been thanking God every day since. I realize that God needed me to get out of my comfort zone."   - Alicia L.

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Thursday, April 14 2016

(At the Sunday night meeting, 4/3/16) "Pastor Nancy Dufresne gave an altar call for healing of the eyes. I decided I wanted healing for my eyes. I didn't go to the altar because there was no room. I said to myself that I could get my healing right where I was. As she layed hands on people, I felt the power of God heal my eyes. I have had to wear glasses for over five years. Since that day, I have not had to use my glasses. My vision is free and clear! Hahaha! Hallelujah!"  - Sandy C.

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Tuesday, April 12 2016

- "I am so thankful for the prayers you said over me at the Women's Conference, I really feel at peace and at ease in my heart and I can also see my health improve. I had suffered from an autoimmune disease where my skin began to break out with hives and severe itching. The only relief I got was with anti-allergy drugs which sometimes do not work. I just suffered through the pain until my skin bled. I had prayed on my way to the conference that as soon as you touched me I would receive my healing, and I did! I have been free from hives since I left the conference, I have not had to use allergy drugs and I am completely healed from the autoimmune attack on my skin. Praise God!"  

- To Pastor Joni, from HFC Women's Conference 2016 attendee

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