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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, September 11 2018

- "Timi [my son] got healed today. He started complaining of a backache again this morning and couldn't touch his toes without wincing in pain. The devil kept reminding me this was exactly what happened a few months ago that landed us in the hospital. But I kept saying No. Affliction will not rise again. Well, after you said we should raise our hand and receive if we had anything [we needed healed], we had him raise his hand and we all believed for his healing. Right after we prayed, we asked him to touch his toes and he was completely pain free and he hasn't been in pain since then. Praise God!"   - Kike O.

- "My legs and feet had been really sore the past couple of weeks from standing a lot at my job. When I walked out of church, I noticed the soreness in my legs and feet were gone."   - Autumn H. 

- One lady reported that her spine felt relieved from the pain and discomfort. She said that it felt so good being in the presence of God and letting Him heal her body. 

Click here to watch the Healing Service

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Tuesday, September 11 2018

"I had a wart on my toe. I was believing God for it to fall off. After a church service at HFC, the wart disappeared off my foot. It was there before, but when I came home and checked, it was totally gone. My husband saw it as well...before and after. Two witnesses of the glory of God. Hallelujah." - Rebecca R.

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