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Houston Faith Church
Wednesday, December 13 2017

"[About one year ago], someone went into my car and stole my bible and left a mess everywhere. Yesterday, exactly one year later, my son was telling me about a book he is reading. And he asked me, 'Mom what is something that's valuable to you that is in your car and that if it was stolen, you would want back?' I said, 'My Bible!' It really meant a lot to me, and I had important testimonies and my studies in there. He said, 'Well in this story I'm reading, it says to not give up in prayer if you lose something, that God can help you find it.' As I was leaving the house, I was thinking I would really like for someone to just find my bible in their yard or something and return it to me. Not even 10 minutes later, Tammy from the church office called me. She said, 'Hey Iris, someone called and said they found your Bible in their yard and they are going to drop it off at the church tomorrow.' God is so AWESOME!" - Iris P. 

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