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Houston Faith Church
Sunday, February 04 2018

"I had some money that I was going to give someone, but couldn't find it anywhere, despite looking everywhere. I had already been listening to Supernatural Time Redemption [a series by P Joni], and realized I would need to redeem the time to get this money back. This money was set aside as seed money for a Kingdom purpose, and I was not going to lose it! I got angry with the devil and told him he wasn't taking anything else from me, and I knew that because this seed was set aside for a Kingdom purpose, it must come back. While in my car, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I reverse the effect of time, money come back!" I commanded the devil off and the angels to go and bring it back to my hands. A few days later [after resisting thoughts that it wouldn't work], after church my family and I walked to our car...and lo and behold, my bill was sitting right there in the driver's seat! I snatched it up and thanked God as soon as I saw it. I knew He had returned it to me by His angel!" - Tinitia D. 

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Pastors Chas Stevenson & Joni Stevenson

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