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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, February 06 2018

- "When [my husband] Chris was hospitalized in December, we were under the impression that he had medical insurance, as it was being taken out of his check every pay period. But it wasn't until he was released from the hospital and tried to get his medicine from the pharmacy that we were informed that his insurance had been cancelled for some reason and he was no longer covered. I spoke to the hospital administration and they confirmed the insurance had been denied and we would be fully responsible for the bill, which was $65,000! We of course prayed in faith that the Lord would supernaturally take care of it, and released it to the Lord. We didn't even think about it after that. About 3 weeks later, we got a call saying since we were self-pay, they would try to work with us by lowering the amount due and setting us up on a payment plan, but that they couldn't guarantee anything. Today, we received a letter in the mail that the bill had been paid in full and we have a zero balance!!! " - Anita O.

- "Just wanted to let you know that I went to the doctor today. All is well. I owed the doctor $39,658.91. And they forgave $37,000! That's right...$37,000! Praise God!!! Johovah Jireh, my Provider! God is always faithful." - Randy W. 

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