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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, February 06 2018

I pulled into the HEB parking lot to find my favorite parking space right by the front door. I prefer this spot because it makes it very convenient when I'm loading in groceries. I took my space happily, put my car in park and then I heard a soft "no".  I ignored it and turned the motor off and picked up my coupons and grocery list. I heard again, "move your car". I knew then that it was the Holy Spirit gently speaking; even so, I proceeded to negotiate with Him. His answer was still the same "move your car". I tried to explain the reason why I wanted to park there, but this time I heard no response. So, I moved my car.

I ended up having to park far away from the front door. I complained all the way into the store (grumbling about how hot and how far I had to walk).

About 45 minutes to an hour later I've completed my shopping headed out to the car. There in the front parking spot where I was asked to move from was a man standing by his truck very angry. Some one had slammed into his truck and he wanted to know who had done it. At that moment I realized this was why the Holy Spirit told me to "move your car". God my Father was protecting me from inconvenience and cost to repair a damaged vehicle. I immediately repented from grumbling and complaining. The lesson I learned that day is ?MY FATHER KNOWS BEST" and He watches over me. 

Jean S.

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