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Houston Faith Church
Friday, October 12 2018

"I have dealt with asthma symptoms off and on throughout my adult life.  It usually comes at times when I cannot control things in my life and then fear sets in. Fear that I'm going to lose someone; fear that I will not be taken care of; fear that I will not be able to care for my children.

I felt the moment when the sickness came upon me...and I let it because I was so focused on trying to control things. I was so fixated on my issues that I let go of my faith shield. I first got a bad cold then asthma symptoms started. This had been going on for 10 months. Sure, I got medicine that "fixed" the problem, but I had to take it daily.

Because of all the teaching here at Houston Faith Church, I knew I didn't have to live like this. I recognized that I was dealing with the spirit of fear.  So I finally let go and gave God entrance into my life. 

I started to stand on Phil 4:19, that MY God will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory.  And started saying I am a giver, I love to praise God, I know God loves me, He wants to take care of me and is able do it!

When healing service came [9/9/18], I didn't have it in mind to go for healing but Pastor Joni called for healing for lungs and I wanted to be healed. She laid hands on me and that spirit of fear manifested and left!! Praise God! I was so happy, I knew I was free!  

Another note about sharing my testimony - Later I was talking to a friend who was having a hard time getting a job because of her credit situation.  I was so happy about my healing, so I was telling her about it. And I was reminded how God had given me a job when it seemed to be impossible. Guess what... she started her job this week! God is good and faithful and loves you so much!"   - Zelina C.

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