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Houston Faith Church
Thursday, June 20 2013
This Praise report is to show that the Prayer Link Team is effective, and ready to respond to any prayer request.

Mrs.C is 8 months pregnant. Tests show that they found a spot
on the baby's brain. Will be doing a test again today.
She wants prayer that the baby is healed, and that the test will be normal.
Standing on: Isaiah 53:5 "by His stripes we are healed"

Subject: Re: Praise report
I have been so excited I have not told the story correctly.
My son called me Tuesday night to tell me about the problem
with Mrs. C's baby, and asked for prayer. You got the prayer
request out Wednesday morning.  Mrs. C went to another
doctor on Wednesday, and they saw the same brain problem and
sent her to a specialist. On Thursday morning (today),
she went to the third doctor. He said the baby was fine and there
was no problem. He didn't know the power of prayer, that the
baby had been healed by God.

Praise the Lord! Just got word that the fruit of Mrs. C's
womb is blessed. Praise God!
The test was done yesterday and they can't find anything.
The spot on the baby's brain is GONE. Mrs. C is rejoicing
and told her mother that prayer really does work.
Let us rejoice with her and give thanks to our Lord!
Thanks for being faithful with your Prayers,
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