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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, July 01 2014

Before I came to Houston Faith Church, I had been filled with the Holy Spirit, but didn’t pray in tongues regularly. I didn’t know that some of the purposes of tongues are for personal edification and for stepping into the supernatural.

I was afraid to pray out loud in tongues in front of others. I was afraid to pray in tongues in front of my husband!

When Pastor Joni would preach, she would often admonish the church to pray in tongues daily. I would think, Why does she keep talking about this every Sunday? Isn’t that enough talk about tongues?

Sometimes I would feel embarrassed, thinking, We might scare some of our visitors away. One Sunday in particular I was at the altar and I was standing next to Pastor Joni when she said, “ I just heard, someone needs to pray in tongues more often.” I knew in my spirit that this was the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

I sensed that I needed to do something different in my spiritual walk, but hadn’t made the effort to pray in tongues regularly.

I determined that during the Women of Faith Retreat 2013, I would press in to pray in other tongues. I did that and wow! It was great! There was a continual flow of the Holy Spirit, and I knew what God was calling me to do that day.

That experience changed my life forever. I came out of that time with the Lord a different person, with a purpose. There’s so much more to learn and know. I thank God for Pastors Chas and Joni’s leadership, for their commitment to contend for the supernatural in the church, their vision and courage.

It takes courage to promote tongues in a culture where tongues is discouraged and mocked. I’m so grateful we have pastors who love to pray in other tongues, and allow the free flow of the Holy Spirit in our assembling together. It is a blessing.

Now, when Pastors Chas and Joni mention tongues, inside my heart, I'm like YES! Get 'em! Tell 'em! And I am glad all those who come visit know that we unashamedly encourage speaking in tongues, using the gift that God has given us.

I have even gotten the courage to ask others I come in contact with, "Do you pray in tongues?" and then share about the infilling of the Spirit if they are not aware.

Thank  you Pastor Joni and Pastor Chas for allowing God to use you.  God is changing lives, one person at a time . . .

Tinitia D.  

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