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Houston Faith Church
Wednesday, June 03 2015

- During ministry at Healing Service, a lady told P Joni she had scoliosis. P Joni asked her to sit in a chair with both hips evenly against the back of the chair. It was evident that one leg was about an inch shorter than the other. P Joni commanded her leg to grow in Jesus' Name and the church people watched as it did. Her leg grew out an inch! And then P Joni commanded her spine, back, and hips to be straight and healed. 

- P Chas ministered to a lady with some paralysis and numbness from a stroke. The power of God touched her and as she lay on the floor, P Joni anointed her left arm with oil. And she began saying "I can feel it", whereas before she did not have any feeling in that arm. 

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