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Houston Faith Church
Friday, June 05 2015

"I had been praying to God about getting out of debt. I know I had a poverty mentality that has run in the family. So, I bought and read the book Prosperity's 7 Link Chain, by Pastor Chas. As Pastor Chas recommended, I rearranged the way I paid everything so that God got the first off the top of my earnings. Then I put some money away for my savings. Then I paid my bills with whatever was left. Every time the devil would tell me 'you will never get out of debt' and would show me how big my debts were, I would quote God's Word back to him, and then I'd visualize ZERO stamped on my bills. At the Women of Faith Retreat, I decided I was going to praise God like David concerning my debts. And in that meeting, I had a release from something. Just a couple weeks later, a property we were trying to sell for over 10 years finally sold, and the profit was split between me and my
sister and my brother. I received enough to pay ALL of my bills to ZERO balances, with some leftover to invest with. Praise to God!"

Doris B.

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