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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, February 09 2016

"I recently lost my husband and soul-mate of 49 years.  When we started attending HFC 6 years ago, we began to tithe faithfully, and we did it by faith.  We saw God sustain us and prosper us (even through the loss of both of our jobs).  We began to see just how supernatural His economy is.  My husband was the one who took care of our finances and I never had to even think about that aspect of our relationship.  When he passed away, that responsibility totally fell on me.

I was suddenly faced with bills and allocating money.  My husband had a death policy that was granted to me about 3 months after his death.  I had to choose to either hang on to it and put all of it into savings – or tithe and trust God.  Of course, thoughts of doubt and fear flooded my mind. But when I put my hand to write the tithe check to HFC, I proclaimed, ‘God, You are my source and I believe You WILL take care of me!’  I wrote the check for my tithe and the next day when I went to the mail, I received a $10,000 check from a settlement we had been sitting on for 5 years!  I have continued to see God provide and bless me without one worry.

I am thoroughly convinced that God will continue to be my source as I continue to be faithful to Him in my giving.  I’ve been able to pay off all our bills and I know my God is faithful.  Not only am I tithing, but I have increased my giving as well and God just keeps on supplying my needs."

- Sharon S., HFC Member

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